Dr Jo Schoeman
Urological Surgeon


Fees and Billing

No prescribed regulatory fee structure is advocated in Australia. The fees set out in the section is based on competitive market related fees as seen in similar practices. Surgical fees are based on Australian Medical Association Fee-structure as the suggested minimal-wage for the expertise required. Dr J Schoeman is not unreasonable with his fee structure and does have a sympathetic ear.

Initial Consultation

$250 Partly refundable from Medicare

Additional Ultrasounds and small procedures in the rooms will be BULK BILLED as to keep you consultation fee predictable.

Review Consultation

$1700Partly refundable from Medicare

Additional Ultrasounds and small procedures in the rooms will be BULK BILLED as to keep you consultation fee predictable.

Post-Operative Review

Free of charge within the 6-8 week limit after the procedure. Subsequent visits will be charged as a review appointment

Period of Absence

If you have been discharged from the practice to be reviewed by your GP for continued care, or if you have not been seen for over 12 months in the practice, you will be charged an Initial Consultation fee on the next appointment. Check with rooms on making your appointment.


All procedures are charged according to the Australian Medical Association prescribed minimum rates.This does involve an out-of-pocket expense for both the Privately Funded and Uninsured patients. Check with the rooms prior to your procedure what the Expense would be, if you have not already received a quote on the day of booking your procedure.

Your final bill from different sources will possibly consist of:

  • Urologist ( Dr J Schoeman) fees as quoted for.
  • Anaethiatist: A quote should be obtained by yourself from the named Anasthiatist, it is your responsibility.
  • Surgical Assitant: Usually charges AMA rates, a quotes should be requested prior to the procedure. Robotic procedures has a fixed $1000 assistant fee for the assistant as he /she is an extremely vital part to a successful outcome
  • Pathologist: Aquesta Uro-pathologists are used. Usually a request is placed for fund rates, yet the final decision is based with Aquesta and there could be an out-of –pocket expense.
  • Hospital: Most of the hospitals are covered by your fund: Check with your fund whether the whole procedure is covered as set out by your Health Plan.                 
  • Robotic Fees: Check that your Health Fund pays this as currently only 2-3 Funds pay for the fee. The fee varies between hospitals. This fee includes the disposable for the robot.
  • Prosthetics should be included in the hospital fee: Check with hospital administration.
  • Physio Therapy may incur a separate bill.

Official letters or Insurance reports will be charged according to AMA regulations guidelines.

Payment Methods

  • Electronic payment, Banking Details are provided on the Statement.
  • EFTPOS available.
  • Credit Card.
  • Cash or Cheque.

Failure to pay in a timely scheduled manner will lead to legal action of which the legal and administrative fees will your liability.