Dr Jo Schoeman
Urological Surgeon


Renal Surgery

Drainage Renal abcess

Percutaneous or open procedure for the drainage of abcess in and around the kidney.

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Laparoscopic (Radical) Nephrectomy

For renal cancers contained in the kidney. This is a intended curative procedure, depending on staging. Also for symptomatic, non-functional kidneys. Least invasive procedure with quick recovery. Uniquely using a hand-assisted technique in QLD. This provides tactile sensation which is missing with traditional laparoscopic surgery.

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Laparoscopic / Open Partial Nephrectomy

For small renal cancers in difficult to reach areas, where nephron-sparing is an issue. Similar to an open Radical Nephrectomy.

Intraoperative ultrasound is utilized to find intra-renal tumours.

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Open Nephro / Uretero lithotomy

Open surgery for large or complicated renal and ureteric calculi where all other techniques have failed. Seldomly done today.

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Open Radical Nephrectomy

For large renal tumours where laparoscopic procedure may be contra-indicated or difficult in executing. Bigger invasive procedure and may incur longer hospital stay and prolonged recovery process.

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Radical Nephro-ureterectomy

For urothelial cancers contained in the kidney/ ureter. This is a intended curative procedure, depending on staging. It involves removing the complete reno-ureteric unit with a cuff of bladder. It can be done open or laparoscopically. The ureter is usually loosened endoscopically and tied off. The renal and ureter unit is then removed similarly to a nephrectomy.

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