Dr Jo Schoeman
Urological Surgeon


Service List 5

Pelvi-Ureteric Junction obstruction repair

Laparoscopic / Open PUJ repair

A congenital or acquired narrowing in the ureteric pelvis junction UPJ. This narrowing is excised with a reconnection to the normal parts of the anatomy. There are several techniques described of which I mostly perform a dismembered pyeloplasty.

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Laser Endo-pyelotomy

An endoscopic technique of incising a short stricture with a laser. A stent remains 6 weeks post operatively.

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Ureteric Injury

Infrequently ureteric injuries can occur with other abdominal surgery ie. Hysterectomy, Ovarian mass resection, Bowel resections, Sacro Colpo-pexy. If the injury is below the pelvic brim then a re-implation is recommended with a Boari flap, otherwise a primary end-to-end anastomosis. A ureteric stent is left for 6 weeks.

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