Dr Jo Schoeman
Urological Surgeon


Service List 8

Urethral Surgery

Optic Urethrotomy

This an endoscopic procedure where a cold knife is used through a cystoscope to cut open an urethral stricture, narrowing. Neccessitates an indwelling catheter for 3 days.

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Urethral Dilatation

Conservative measure for the management of urethral strictures. Patient is taught to self dilate his urethra on a daily basis by an incontinence advisor.

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The surgical opening of a very narrow urethral meatus. Causes are either congenital or following trauma and infection.

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The surgical removal of the urethra. Indicated for those guys with aggressive urothelial cancer. This is usually done with a Radical cysto-prostatectomy. The procedure involves removing of the corpora spongiosum of the penis is also removed.

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One stage Urethraplasty

This is an open procedure where a urethral stricture, shorter than 2cm, is excised with a primary re-anastomosis over a catheter.

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Two stage Urethraplasty

This is an open procedure which is done in stages for long or multiple urethral strictures where the other procedures are not indicated. An initial complete opening of the urethra is done and left to granulate for 6-12 weeks. Then a Tubular urethra is made using either native urethral tissue or graft material from the buccal mucosa.

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Excision of Prolapsed Urethra

Surgical excision of prolapsed mucosa through the external meatus of a female patient.

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