Dr Jo Schoeman
Urological Surgeon


Your First Visit

This forms the basis of your professional relationship with Dr Jo.

Bring all the relevant Imaging and blood results as ordered by your referring physician to this appointment.

Please attend with a semi-full bladder, as an ultrasound in the rooms may be performed.

This will of involve reviewing your referral from your referring doctor.

All investigations attached with referral will be reviewed.

A thorough physical investigation will be done. This will include an internal investigation of the prostate for men, as well as an internal investigation for female patients complaining of incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Your differential diagnosis will be discussed with you.

Additional tests may be requested.

Conservative management will be suggested as first line therapy.

Where there is a clear indication for surgery, this surgery will be discussed in full with all the possible side effects and complications. An Information Brochure will be provided containing all the discussed points, as well as a copy of your  detailed consent form. Consent forms are detailed to your procedure and amendments will be made to suit your situation after the discussion with you. Please read it and bring it with on the day of your surgical appointment. This therefore will enable you to provide fully informed consent to the proposed surgical procedure.