Dr Jo Schoeman
Urological Surgeon


Dr Jo Schoeman – Specialist Urologist

Shalom and welcome to my world of Urology.

I am a Urological Surgeon, and am passionate about my God-given expertise to help people of all walks of life regain there full potential after life’s occasional severe blows affecting our health.

I hope you find this site useful – it is designed to help my patients by providing you with information regarding Urology as I practice it, including:

  • Procedures that I commonly perform.
  • Benefits of these procedures.
  • Possible complications of these procedures.
  • Referrals to other sites should this information be insufficient.

I am a general Urologist with wide range of experience. I worked in public and private practice in South Africa for the first 11 years of my Urology career, laying the foundation with a broad skill base. Being the only Urologist in Bundaberg, a regional Queensland setup for 5 years, equipped me to face any urological challenge. I was involved in both the private hospitals and the Bundaberg Base Hospital.

One of the most exciting moments has been to be one of the founding members of the Pelvic Medicine Centre, a centre dedicated to Urinary Incontinence and the treatment thereof.

I am honoured to be a part of the first Australian Accredited Robotic Centre of Excellence at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane

For more information view Urological Conditions or Treatment and Procedures.

Dr Jo Schoeman's main practice is situated at the WESLEY HOSPITAL                  Suite 10, Level 9, Evan Thomson Building

Dr Jo Schoeman's locations include:

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